Poster design for coGalleries

For this project, the art director was asking to do two different propossals for a poster that would be used as an advertisment to inform their customersm about an educational art trip. They were asking to follow the aesthetic of the last propossal and also a second propopossal for the same project but showing a different stile to show them my creative abilities.

Attending to the structure of the last propossal, coGalleries was lookig for a poster based on geometrical shapes, using a direct message to their customers by using iconic elements, like the front of the Building from the art museum, Berlin's tv tower or the siluet of art visitors. Following this caractheristics, I based my first propossal in the structure of an abstract geometric composition from a painting, appealing to the kind of art that the customers were supposed to experience in this travel. Also I took the iconic elements before mentioned.