Bussines cards for dypsela

dypsela is a start-up based on Valencia, that is focused on creat VR an AR solutions for diferent applications. During my internship at the start-up dypsela, I had the opportunnity to redesign their brand. The bussines card redesign was part of this brand project, in which they were asking for a more fresh new image.

With this constraint on mind, I started studying the sence of the brand.The main icon that represents the start-up is a dygital "diente de leon", called the same as the start-up; name that comes from the spanish word "cipsela", which was modified including "dy" instead of "ci" at the begining of the word to give to the name that digital sound. The "dypsela" symbolizes the new solutions and opportunities that the company offer to the entire world.

My main aportation to the brand is the new pattenrn based on triangles, which represent the way that the dypselas travel in the digital atmosphere. Also we simplify the amont of elements of the logo, making it lighter.